Heart Path Healing

You create a pure space, filled with reverence - a holy ground to step upon and into the remembrance of who we really are and who we came here to be. Thank you for being this leader, invitation, inspiration and portal! And your laughter that is so infectious and shakes out remnants of whatever seemed stuck. Thank you for being this fountain of infinite blessings in my life!
Marjukka Z., Germany

How do I feel after a class with Annette? Lighter, a shiny bright star, releasing into infinite truth; joyous. I’ve never laughed so hard in all my life.

My own experience with Annette has been healing, heart opening and life changing. Annette is a powerful facilitator that can help you shift and change what's not working in your life. I can not recommend her enough!.
Nancy W., HI

I write this testimonial in deep gratitude for you, your gifts and your willingness to share them with people to improve lives across this planet and beyond. Thank you Thank you Thank you. xo.

Annette's abilities to harmonize energies and invite 1st Cause Love have allowed profound and meaningful changes to occur in my life. It is with great reverence that I share my most immediate and tangible story about abundance and money. It is a manifestation so swift, I am still awestruck by the limitless possibilities of being a conscious creator! While sitting with Annette for a session we began talking about money and manifesting a 6 figure income. The number seemed far out of reach, based on my salary at the time, but I was game to play along. I called out for a $100,000 annual paycheck so I could live with more financial grace and ease. Within two weeks time, I received a job offer for exactly $100,000 and I wasn't even looking for a new job! Annette assisted me into the vibration of creation and abundance and the universe listened and delivered! I have since negotiated beyond my original manifestation and am eager to practice conscious creation in all aspects of life. Annette graciously guides with compassion and wisdom that leads to sweet joy and Oneness. Through her offerings I have experienced the dissolution of blockages, limited beliefs and restrictions on levels across all space-time continuum. Thank you Annette!

During our session, we cleared many layers of limitation and beliefs that led to a vivid and deeply moving transformational experience. I now feel clear-headed, able to think, my neck is free of pain and in alignment. I have a new fresh energy and perspective in going forward in my life and in my business. I am literally a new person!.
Patti Kessler, Vibrational Healer, Ohio

I have never experienced anything like that. I feel so deeply grateful to Annette and where I was able to go with her. I was looking for the word -- "travel", "journey", "deep sea diving" -- I did travel into my interiors, into my beginnings, and there Annette toned, and I felt huge shifts, openings, deep releasing of old patterns. I know we have more work to do, but I feel that a huge portal and a new level of healing and growth has been opened -- the next level or layer that I'd been looking for, have been wanting to get into, is here and ready to be stepped into. So very grateful. Thank you.
Lisa, M., HI

I am so excited I can barely type. Yesterday I asked if any Being from the Light would like to come through. I saw 4 letters: HOPI. Then I saw a big white feather which translated as a HOPI Elder coming through. He said: "I AM PROUD OF YOU." I knew nothing about the Hopi Indians so I Googled it and it says that White Feather was a Hopi Elder/ Prophet of the ancient Bear Clan. It also said that the Hopis had Star (Sirius) Connections! And just one more magical thing that happened a few days ago: out of nowhere I received a jar of honey in the mail! Just like that! My Infinite Gratitude to Annette and All of You contributing to heaven in me and heaven in you and heaven on Earth!
Kat K., Michigan

I just wanted to thank you so much for the teleclass last night! I don't normally speak much during classes - it always takes words a long time to come back to me when I'm doing intense energy work, but I had some very powerful heart opening last night that lasted quite a while after the class was over. And the chanting is just incredibly amazing! My sixth chakra opened up wider than it has in...well, I think since I was a very little girl. It's still wide open this morning, with me being very much me this morning, bringing me some very different perspectives on just about everything. Such wonder and beauty everywhere....it's like seeing in color when you've only seen in black and white. Or being aware that there is so much more than the limited box we've all tried to fit ourselves into and knowing that vastness is....us. It's indescribable. Such richness and depth! I am so very honored to be a part of these six weeks. Thank you so much for having the courage to step out to do these classes, to be you and to bring your light to the world. Hugs - or as my yoga teachers say, Namaste!
Sara D Norris, CO

Its not the birth of baby I've been afraid of, it’s the birth of myself! The unknown and complete surrender into ALL of me! I am feeling immense energies downloading and rewiring all that I thought I was/am. Letting the tears flow. Okay now I'm ready! Birthing into BEing!
Dana S., Canada

I found Annette’s healing techniques to be life altering, innovative, and divinely guided. With compassion, intuition, humor, personal stories, multidimensional healing techniques, she raises the vibration of each person in the class, bringing physical and emotional healing. Her gentle, loving approach creates a safe space for unveiling “disease” and replacing it with the true essence of one’s authentic self.
Larissa Montfort, CA.

I love how Annette is so grounded, loving and thorough. I cried a river of tears, it all started when Marjukka mentioned the "headband" and the energy that came up with that. Then I saw a huge spear go through my neck (from the front)...talk about panic and despair... I guess I had been carrying that energetic spear around? Then I felt very peaceful but could still see a hole in my neck! Then white light started filling the hole! I also got flashes of battle scenes and long swords... At the end I felt peaceful and refreshed like I had just taken a bath in the freshest, purest waters.
Kat K., Michigan

Heart Path Healing is the science of human potential made easy; Annette’s methods are on the leading edge of quantum physics applied to human behavior. Her work provides a path to life-changing awareness and growth.
Nina Ayin Reimer, Author of: Artist As Healer, Stories of Transformation and Healing

Annette, I want to express my deep, deep, deep gratitude for everything you are and bring and assist blossoming in my life. There are really no words to describe this, but through your loving and honoring presence I have started to learn and experience what embodiment is - in all it' beauty and lusciousness. Your sweet beingness has invited me to go to the most vulnerable places and spaces to find beauty and power and allow it to happen, in all its intensity, and still in total EASE. Being in communion with you IS the knowing and the experience that we are totally taken care of and provided for by the universe itself.
Marjukka R., Germany

I have had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing Annette’s remarkable intuitive and healing gifts in a group setting, and also one-on-one in a personal session. In the group circle she leads straight from her heart with compassion and with a strong heart connection to all those in the circle. Her presence and energy is simultaneously strong and gentle. Annette has a tremendous ability to tap into an individual’s issue or block very quickly with a simple question or two and tune to the energy as it presents itself. Her intuition does the rest. The words and the toning that emanate from are extremely powerful and effective for clearing the old energy patterns. I have “worked” with many people over many years, and I have to say that Annette’s ability to open up hearts and to go deep with compassion, and enable resolution of long-seated issues surpasses all others for me.
Brian J., Canada

Annette is an amazingly powerful being, just radiating infinite love, ease, light and space. There is no hiding from Annette! She saw right through me, and with infinite love and care she helped me open up and let go of some stuff I have held on to for many lifetimes. It was such a relief and left room for lots of bubbly happiness to come up, together with tons of appreciation and gratitude for all that I have! Since then, I’ve had such a great time no matter what I’ve done. I’m just enjoying the heck out of my life! We also did some other work that literally left my head spinning and my body shaking. It was truly a life changing experience and I am so grateful to you Annette for making this possible! I already had a job offer for a job that I have been dreaming of for years, but never thought I could get. What else is possible? Infinite love and gratitude to you Annette!
Kat Q., Sweden

I heartily recommend Annette's work. With her evolutionary practice, I found I was able to get to the core of issues and move quickly to and more easily find my way back to my native state of joy, peace, resolve, and empowering acceptance. I feel I am more sure-footed on my path. Annette has experience, empathy, intuition, humor, and intelligence to provide needed guidance, and she creates a safe, warm empathetic, and nurturing environment for healing, growth, and resolution.
Melissa Wilson, MSc. Licensed Acupuncturist

My continued work with Annette is one of my most profound and important tools as I continue to create a thriving, impactful life. Her sessions are profound, expansive and empowering beyond what I have ever experienced before. Layers of lifetimes, as well as, my personal/cultural/ancestry limiting patterning are no longer holding me in chains and keeping me playing small. I feel energized, awake and completely supported in embodying and evolving my highest contribution.

Annette is by far, one of the most powerful, clear, brave and full of integrity conduits of Spirit I have ever had the honor to work with. I feel a lasting sense of freedom, of which I have only had in fleeting times throughout my life. Our most recent session completely flipped my whole paradigm upside down, and with such compassion, authenticity, depth and humor!

This paradigm busting experienced shifted my educational goals and continued skill development toward living my purpose, from what my ego thought I "should" do and be, into alignment with what my soul is calling forward to express. It also helped me to create peace and connection in two of my most important relationships and shift the judgment and blame I was holding onto.

I highly recommend Annette's profound and expansive work, if you are ready to truly be your greatest contribution and integrate all that holds you back from embodying the greatness that you are.
Jennifer Riley, Evolutionary Coach and Empowerment Expert www.bountifulevolution.com

Annette’s style delivers accurate and clear observations of another’s energetic state. This gift of hers gives words to the beliefs that bind us to our ailments. She guides the painless removal of such energy from all levels of being. Her background as a therapist gives her great understanding of the web of pains we have all been through. Furthermore, her own past makes her particularly compassionate to the people around her. I myself, have experienced great release and a beautiful restructuring of how I interact with life, after each group meeting. I am grateful, for she has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I feel more free and genuine everyday as well as more equipped to handle my life. I expect to continue to be infinitely improved, for having worked with Annette Roegiers.
Talitha W., Graphic Designer, CA

Having worked with Annette professionally in the past, and having recently experienced a personal health crisis, I turned to her for healing. She provided the pathway for me to deal with my medical condition, to understand more deeply the personal experiences in my life, feel the extensive levels of physical and emotional healing, and have insight into a life filled with more joy and health. She brings together leading edge scientific theories, spiritual approaches, and psychological research into a comprehensive healing system.
Nikona Mulkovich, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

In a land of toothpicks and matchsticks, Annette Roegiers is a mighty Sequoia.

Annette draws on the depths of her own personal life, training, intuition and years of experience working with all types to facilitate a cleansing of all that obscures the Soul.

Having suffered more traumas and abuses in her own life than you might ever wish to know of, Annette has a unique capacity for navigating the most tumultuous of past circumstances. She brings a tender tenacity to illuminating the darkest voids, and will embrace you with her Infinite Heart as she calmly, yet firmly, holds your hand, guiding you through all fears and doubts clouding your awareness of the joyous gift of Being you are here to be.

Her quiver of tools is overflowing: Jung, Freud, Hafiz, Rumi, Jesus, and Buddha, Quantum physics to the mystics, Western, Eastern, from Psychology and Philosophy to the latest in family therapeutic techniques. She has studied a vast array of energetic healing modalities and brings the wisdom of the tribal shaman in her chanting, toning and vibrational harmonizing.

With all of that said, it is clear within moments that she is, at her core, without need of resume, a Healer. Her knowing transcends the fabric of Time. Her Love and Caring for All is beyond measure. She is unique and unwavering in her Divinity. Her very presence makes the Infinite tangible to anyone seeking to know their Truth and Being.

I could write volumes about this woman, this miracle worker, this Pillar of Light--and I very well may someday--but for now, I’ll just say that Annette is steadfast in her commitment to healing herself and all those she touches. I consider myself blessed to know this Divine Soul and recommend working with her without reservation.
Jason Sinclair Astorquia: Artist, Energy Healer, Facilitator of Consciousness

I'm an introvert - always have been. Oddly enough, I'm also a trainer and facilitator by profession. I'm comfortable in front of small groups of people, and I even enjoy speaking in public. It's easy for me to make eye contact, to tell a story, to share ideas or even influence people when it's necessary. To give you more context, I had been on my current team for less than six months. It's easy to say that I was still the new kid on the block and had spent one solid month facilitating training sessions for the extended team of 150 sales people.

Six months into the new job, I was asked to speak at our All Team meeting. And when I say 'asked', you should take that to mean 'instructed'. You remember that I'm an introvert, right? Instead of speaking to a group of twenty people, I was now going to partner with someone I'd only met briefly to co-present in front of the entire sales organization - 1000 people strong! When I brought this up to Annette, we had such a fun time visualizing how the presentation looked and how it felt. Now don't misunderstand: the amount of fear and resistance that came up was fierce. Feelings of unworthiness came up many times - layer by layer. I even had feelings of being a fraud! But the reality was that each individual layer of those feelings came up to be dissolved and harmonized. The feelings of fear, unworthiness and the feelings of being a fraud didn't stand a chance!

We visualized how I wanted to be received and we visualized how the presentation itself would look and feel. Words like charismatic, funny, humorous, engaging, and warm became our intention. We focused on seeing this presentation over and over again, fine-tuning along the way. She gave me insight and instruction on how to create this - how to bring the feelings of charisma and confidence, comedy, humor and warmth into the room before the presentation. I could see each group of individuals in the audience, and I could speak directly to each person. Annette guided me every step of the way and even gave me a 'day-of' pep talk by telling me that I was the rising star of the team.

I had prepared my talking points, rehearsed in front of a mirror, prepared more talking points, and rehearsed more (by myself). Minutes before the presentation (which was scheduled in that challenging time of exactly one hour after lunch), you would have found me in a small room off to the side focusing my energy down through my heart and seeing the best and highest presentation. Once we got on stage, it was magic. The talking points I had prepared disappeared from my mind. We had the audience laughing and engaged about and invested in a new sales system that most were actively struggling with. We spent 45 minutes as a comedy act - all unscripted and unrehearsed. It was brilliant! Although this all happened a few months ago, we still have people ask us if we're co-presenting again.

The following night, the entire sales team gathered for our own awards gala. We were all dressed up in our business attire, and people were still raving about the presentation we had given the previous day. That night, only six months with the Sales team and still the new kid, I won the "Rising Star" award. I don't think it could have happened any other way.
Jennifer B, Atlanta, GA

From Attendees of Men in Spirit

Hi Skip:
My experience on Saturday was of empathy and connectedness I had an experience of being enveloped in unconditional love during one of the guided mediations, which came as a surprise. I was impressed by Annette’s authenticity and the power of her voice when “speaking in tongues”. I found myself being highly skeptical of Annette’s “just choose love” talk and I had mixed feelings about the “you create your own reality “part, you know, I left that behind twenty years ago. Her past lives work was profound and felt true. At the end of the day I was in an altered state but part of me was untouched by the work. I spent all day Sunday working on a new garden shed at my house and was happy to get it done.

On Monday I went to work as a substitute teacher at a high school in Napa and had a very challenging group of kids who were generally uncooperative and somewhat disrespectful. I usually get reactive in this situation and take offense at the disrespect, taking it personally and going head to head with the worst offenders with mixed results, and it never feels good. On Monday I had a different experience, the part of me that becomes reactive was nowhere to be found and I had fun with the kids all day in spite of their atrocious behavior, but without relinquishing my authority. I felt connected and engaged and relaxed. My way of being with the kids was so completely new and different and wonderful and inexplicable, and I can only marvel at the transformation and wonder at the work we did on Saturday.

Thanks for bringing Annette up to the ridge, good stuff.

Hi Skip:
thank you very much for inviting Annette and her work to the flat! It’s hard to put into words how it was for me. I will say that working with energies has come into my consciousness recently stronger than ever and Saturday proved again that the universe is telling me something. I felt Annette brought another layer to a forgotten language of the Heart. I enjoyed her invitation to bodily awareness and the way she brought it forward. Her energy and spirit was quite accessible and warm. I would consider doing some one on one work with too. I would also welcome another group setting. It was beautiful to be with her strong feminine spirit and refreshing to have it on the ridge. Blessings and gratitude brother.
Rich, Bringer of Earths Blessings

Hi Skip:
I was going through a funk before Saturday. I knew I needed to be around my brothers because the work I have been doing with women. I felt off balance, I was walking into a mysterious day and it felt great to be there. Annette taught me and reminded me of my deep connection with the Spirit world. And the lack of love I have for myself. To love me is not easy. The predator is always there waiting to stomp on my ass if I even question my life’s journey. The day with Annette was powerful and I am seeing in myself, to learn how to forgive and love myself. I have more work…never will end as she has said. Looking forward to the next time we are on the mountain again brother. Thank you for making this day for us.

Hi my Brother:
Was waiting to reply to your message because I saw Annette on Wednesday. I was deeply moved by Saturday!!! The purpose of the visit on Wednesday was to re-acquaint myself with all those spirits that I had contact with as a child and turned my back on them when I became older. I do not believe there are any accidents. The timing of your invitation and then meeting Annette has been perfect for me. Now the gentle loving work that I need to do is quite exciting and awesome. Simple really, to remember what the child already knew by nature, and to incorporate that with the adult, when, I am an adult LOL, and simply allow those spirits to come forward when the moment is appropriate, whatever that is. I love you my dear brother, thank you again, with great respect and honor.