Heart Path Healing

We are undergoing an unprecedented change.  We are learning how to live in our embodied souls regardless of what our senses indicate.  This has never EVER been done before.  What would it be like to stay entirely focused on your soul’s vision and use free will in order to focus and navigate your life?    What could you create?  What would it be like to truly know who you are and know the miracle that you are in every moment?  What is your soul’s vision of your life? 

In this series we learned to focus from the soul’s vision and hold that vision without using our 3D senses as guide posts.  Live participants in this series learned to navigate fear, resistance, and beliefs held by the collective consciousness while staying centered in the soul’s perspective and received activations and gifts from unseen beings of light. 

This audio program includes 3 weekly mp3 recordings:
Week One:  Annette activates all 12 chakras and harmonizes blocked energies of sexual abuse, power distortion and scarcity.  You will claim the gift of you as the creator and an individualized expression of the One, and how to be aware of the energy around you without being impacted. 

Week Two:  We explored how to allow the presence of soul without an idea or construct of what that is.  You will experience the vulnerability of being pure love and harmonize any resistance or fear, creating with the energy of a child in wonderment and awe. 

Week Three: We focused on  dealing with all of life’s unknowns and with the fear of the unknown.  We restored the ‘seed fractal’:  the first life when you first began to see the unknown as fearful and when you were first cut off from Unity and felt separate, terrified and alone. We looked at how we judge ourselves according to other people’s realities and the coping mechanisms that were created. We initiated stepping fully into our souls with complete trust to step fully into the unknown.

Awakening Washowers Activations

Cost: $24.95

Three audio recordings downloadable in a zip file.

These participants reported experiencing a powerful sense of who they are with deeply embedded veils of illusion stripped away as well as a new found sense of clarity.

“I have a sense of self, first time ever.  I’ve got me, a knowing and it’s not cognitive.  I felt my potency in being. I know my energy has it covered.”  Jude R., Australia

“I am in total sweetness and that is me.”  Marjukka Z., Germany

“ I was relieved when Annette talked about being young and not really having much ego or identity. I felt a wrongness about that into my 30's and then I took on more identity to fit in and "grow up". Now I am grateful to shed the fixed identity. My identity can be fluid and fleeting and adventurous.”  Brian J., Canada

“Resistance is a really wonky and weird thing - it's had the effect on me of not wanting to "expose anyone to my negativity" and so I want to hide myself away... Thanks to all of you for being there and letting me open up.”  Elizabeth W., Colorado

“Staying focused on my intention relieves my physical pain.”  Brian J., Canada