Heart Path Healing

What would it be like to live as your soul embodied? When we finally dissolve deeply held subconscious patterns that sabotage our lives, anything and everything becomes possible.  As soul embodied, every moment presents a brand new moment of choice to create without reference to the past, to fear, or to hidden commitments that limit us.  When we expand into the full realization of our innate magnificence, we become magnetic to people and situations that reflect a resonant value and love.  We can wipe the slate clean of all the engrained behaviors and thought patterns accumulated over time and live life as the powerful, loving creators we came here to be and shift the energy of those around us and all of consciousness.

Our cellular memories have been distorted by the beliefs and perceptions of all we’ve ever experienced. Each section of this 4 part series brought forth questions and commitments we’ve made to keep ourselves small and instances where we are veiled to our own brilliance, joy and creative power.  You will learn how to re-ignite the fires of creation and finally move beyond the value of self.  In these audios, deeply engrained patterns of fear, doubt of your own abilities and perceived limitation are dissolved.  On all the calls, individuals in the group serve as doorways to harmonize deeply held beliefs and limitations we all share. 

Participants report realizing their lives have been based on a false limiting self perceptions and are now able to break free of those illusions and finally honor themselves to experience a more peaceful and joyful life. 

Are you willing to explore the deepest buried parts of yourself and walk through the doorway into a life of joy, of so much self love that nothing that shows up in reality impacts your ability to create something better, something juicier?  Are you willing to dive deep to remember the Divine Being you came here to be?   
Week One:  We reviewed universal unresolved emotional issues that prevent us from stepping fully into our 5th dimensional selves, expanding everything that’s possible.   Are you afraid of speaking your truth?  Are you willing to go into the unknown?  We explored those areas where life is not working, and where participants have never been able to accomplish a shift.

Week Two:   What if the need to know, to ‘figure it out’ keeps us stuck in a limited reality?  What is your pain telling you?   Are you taking responsibility for how others feel and feel you need to ’carry the load’?  You will explore these and other areas where the ego keeps us from our true potential and resolve these deeply held patterns.

Week Three:  What if you removed the constraints of labels and limitations of what we call ‘reality’?  What’s been in the way of speaking your truth?  Which fear patterns have you embodied to maintain the predominant reality?    We dissolved the conscious and subconscious terror of our own power.  You will learn how to lean into the fear of the unknown beyond fear and feelings. 

Week Four:  We experienced how to stay connected to the guidance of your soul and navigate the energies of life, and dissolved the fear of losing of the individual sense of self.  Do you take others’ energies into your own body to know what they feel, as a means of discernment?   It’s not necessary.  In this session we resolved deeply held energies that keep us from experiencing joy.

Divine Awakening - Diving Deep

Cost: $24.95

Four audio recordings downloadable in a zip file.

“I just stopped worrying, doubting, judging and felt a curiosity arise as to how the Universe would LOVE to sprinkle grace, ease, unfolding and miracles into this situation.  I started intending  to see the glorious unfolding and started asking to experience what ‘embodiment of my soul’ means in this moment, in this situation.  Show me, please: Less stress, more calm, more space for me and others, more gentleness,and allowing others to choose whatever is appropriate for them right now. Aaaah, this is what it can be and feel like, too.”  Marjukka Z., Germany

“I have had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing Annette’s remarkable intuitive and healing gifts in a group setting, and also one-on-one in a personal session.   In the group circle she leads straight from her heart with compassion and with a strong heart connection to all those in the circle. Her presence and energy is simultaneously strong and gentle. Annette has a tremendous ability to tap into an individual’s issue or block very quickly with a simple question or two and tune to the energy as it presents itself.  Her intuition does the rest.” Brian J., Canada

“I experienced a huge shift in this program; I realized how much of my life has been based on illusion. It felt like one of those stubborn jars where the lid has been stuck forever, and all of a sudden it pops open, with ease!”  Kat Q., Sweden

“I loved this series, I love how Annette is so grounded, loving and thorough. I cried a river of tears, then I saw a huge spear go through my neck (from the front)...talk about panic and despair... I guess I had been carrying that energetic spear around? Then I felt very peaceful but could still see a hole in my neck! Then white light started filling the hole! I also got flashes of battle scenes and long swords... At the end I felt peaceful and refreshed like I had just taken a bath in the freshest, purest waters...”   Kat K., Michigan