Heart Path Healing

Everything in its essence is energy. Heart Path Healing is based on the premise that we are infinite beings having a human experience. We are all individual expressions of the Infinite Consciousness we are a part of, and we are connected to everything that exists. Limiting beliefs, judgments, and trapped emotions veil our authentic infinite self and cause disruptions, illness, and dis-ease that keep us from remembering that we are infinite beings capable of creating any life we choose.

Desired change is accelerated by: strengthening our awareness, our presence, defining and recognizing the veils we have, returning us to our knowing, learning what is ours to process and what is not. All this gives us more control over our daily decisions and life choices.  I have changed my own life, and my clients report experiences of physical symptoms leaving the body, conditions of dis-ease falling away, attitudes and perceptions changing, new possibilities opening up, and returning to the joy that is our true nature.

AnnetteI was born into a family that had been ravaged by World War Two. My father had been in concentration camps and my mother had been an ambulance driver in the Blitz in London. My older half sister was one of the children that were shipped out to the countryside in order to be safe from the bombs. And my half brother was born as a bomb went off down the block. My father had decided to leave my mother and her two children when my  mother announced that she was pregnant with me and he stayed.

Despite being awash in the energies of the worst atrocities known to mankind through my family, I always knew love was the answer that would solve all the hurts on this planet.

As an extremely empathic child I felt all the pain and anguish, anxiety and terror of my family. My mother’s narcissism and alcoholism and my father’s and older brother’s rage overshadowed my life.  Migraine headaches were the norm from the age of 6 until 17.  I wanted to die to escape the pain and  instead, escaped into drugs and alcohol. I dropped out of high school.

Later, after getting my GED I went to college to create a better life, to understand and to heal. It took about 7 years to get my B.A.  I would drop in and out of college. During that time my drinking became habitual. 

Finally at the age of 29 I quit drinking and was in Graduate School studying Counseling. In 1985 I finally received my M.A. in Counseling and became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California.

I specialized in addictions, feminist therapy, early childhood trauma, and dream work.    

My father loved fishing. He and I would go out into the mountains and it was there I connected to Spirit. During these trips I was in nature’s beauty and holding.  There my father was calm and peaceful and I felt safe. Mother Nature became my solace and my church. It was in Mother Nature when I had my first transcendent experience of knowing and feeling connected to everything.

I have always had a deep connection to Great Spirit and learned to use my intuition and to follow, what Jung called, synchronicities to direct my life.

I have studied Philosophy, Mythology, Dream Work, Spiritual teachings from the Indigenous Wisdom of the Aboriginals and Native Americans to the Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East, Jesus, and Buddha.

Several mediums and healers had told me I was a healer and a spiritual teacher. I resisted this with vehemence, insisting I was not, and that they must have been mistaken. I felt absolute terror. I was a therapist! That must surely have been what they were seeing – or so I told myself.

In 1999  two dreams would totally alter the trajectory of my life.
During one I received my eagle feather from a Native American Shaman.  In another I was told that I was not to have the career of therapist anymore. Now what would I do?  At that point I’d had a very successful career for over two decades.  What else could there possibly be?

For the next seven years I was led on many spiritual quests. I was also led to open myself up to energy healing and studied numerous other healing modalities. I faced my terror of being a “Healer”.

In 2007 physicians diagnosed me with three conditions that stripped me of all the things I was attached to: my ability to think, my emotional stability, and my body’s strength.  Constant pain wracked my body. For years I struggled to heal myself as my practice and my life as I knew it disappeared. After years of illness my partner at the time decided to leave and end our relationship.  In constant extreme pain and barely able to get out of bed to feed myself, I said to Great Spirit:   “I’ve had a better life than I could have possibly imagined in my childhood and I’m ready to go. I’m not willing to stick around if this is my life. So if I can be a contribution, show me the way out of this pain and illness or I’m out of here.”  And I meant it.

I still felt very connected to the love of family and friends and Spirit. I felt I had failed, that there was something wrong with me, and that I had failed Great Spirit. Going home to Spirit was much more appealing than staying in this body that was wracked in pain and despair.

Spirit answered and I created Heart Path Healing, which came from following the guidance and synchronicities I was shown.

I am extremely grateful to my parents, my step-mother, brothers and sister and my extended family and all of my extended families that I have been a part of through the relationships I have had. All of the friends and all of my clients have shared their gifts and wisdom with me and I have been blessed by all of the experiences. They were the greatest teachers in my life. All of the things we went through were exactly the gifts I needed to unveil myself and remember who I am. Thank you!