Heart Path Healing

What would it be like if we could truly and fully love ourselves? If we absolutely love ourselves that would give us total freedom. If we truly love ourselves then we would have no judgment of ourselves and that would mean that we would no longer have any buttons that would be pushed in our lives. If we truly loved ourselves we would never have to resort to love that is conditional which is actually attempts of control another. If we all loved ourselves it would mean the end of projecting the parts of us that we don’t like on others and being in conflict and hatred. If we truly loved ourselves we would realize that there is and never has been anything wrong with us. We would realize that we have the power to create Heaven on Earth now.

Every week this series brought forward questions and limitations that block us from loving ourselves. We learn that we are creating our lives. We learn to be conscious creators rather than letting our creations be created from that which we don’t want. The judgments, limitation, constrictions, fears you have been holding in your systems are dissolved and people report feeling more and more love for themselves, less reactivity, more peace as they go through their days. One gentleman wrote: " Layer upon layer of armor, shielding, and protection, which has truly only bounded and shrouded my soul, has melted away, leaving my heart exposed in such a way as I’ve not allowed myself to know. I am so thankful." Jason A

Are you willing to fall so completely in love with yourself that no judgment, limitation or belief had any power to diminish you and your magnificence? Are you willing to unveil the infinite you?

Six Steps to Love

Cost: $29.95

Six audio recordings downloadable in a zip file.

Weekly mp3 recordings:
  1. Week One: Introduction to Heart Path Healing and Annette Roegiers
    Who are we? What is Divine Love? You are the power of creation, unveil your Magnificence.

  2. Week Two: Power Over vs Power to Be
    We were given the wrong Map of the World. The “Power Over” map rather than the “Power to Be” map. In the Power Over map everything is seen as external to you. The “Power Over” map teaches us to use force and control in the attempt to change your reality, thereby insuring you are powerless. The “Power to Be” map teaches you where you’re power is, in you as the individual spark of the divine, the field , or whatever word you are comfortable with for the Source of all there is.

  3. Week Three: The Power of Infinite Love
    Change your relationship with the power of vulnerability in your life. What are the Demons and Monsters that keep you from love? Conditional Love is Control. Our Values are a limited reality.

  4. Week Four: Separation
    How do we separate from the truth of our Being? What is your relationship to Oneness? We separate from our God self by every fixed position we take. We separate from our GodSelf by accepting that there are absolutes in this Earth Reality.

  5. Week Five: I Am
    Everything that shows up in our life is a gift. Taking a snapshot of your unconscious viewpoint. “I AM THAT I AM”

  6. Week Six: Expectations
    What do you expect? What do you resist?
Journey to the you before you had any separation from the divine love you are.

"Annette has a truly unique, deliciously amazing way of bringing us back to ourselves, pointing us back to the unconditional, Divine love that we have always been. This series will help you understand that there has never been anything wrong with you, and that the Divine Love that you are is exactly what the world has been waiting for." Meghann C., Denver, CO

"It was a joy to participate in “Six Steps to Love” live recording with Annette Roegiers! This experience was such a gift for me because it opened insight and knowing within me that had been waiting a long time to be remembered. Annette’s capacity to simultaneously bring forth ancient wisdom and new knowledge through her toning amazed me. Throughout these audios, Annette illuminated the power we each have to simply be love in its truest form. Thank you Annette for being a beautiful leader for love on this planet!" Nikole K., Colorado

"Are you looking for guidance to help you remember the beautiful being you truly BE? I participated in the Six Steps to Love with Annette and she assisted me in releasing energy that did not serve me, and putting me on my path of creation with a more clear focus. The wonderful thing is, some of the releasing was not even known to me, leaving me open to access my own abilities. After the sessions, I felt clear, free, happy, confident, and so excited for what is possible for me NOW. Annette is such a loving powerful presence that to define what she does is impossible because her gift is unlimited awareness and LOVE. I love you Annette, YOU are amazing and anyone who chooses to work with you is truly blessed." Mary Ann, Folsom, CA

"When I joined Annette's class 6 Steps to Love, I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to increase my connection to myself. Annette's class brought that to me, but it did more than that. It opened me up to an expansion and soft peace I didn't even know existed. Her powerful toning opened the doors of perception, which allowed me to attain acceptance and a love beyond any I'd ever felt before. Her open acceptance of herself and everyone else helped inspire me to finally open to aspects of myself I'd always fought accepting before, which in turn has taken me down roads of possibility that had been closed to me. This is a brand new world and I'm so very excited to be in it, opening more and more to the love to be found in me! I would highly recommend Annette's class to anyone - whether you're just starting to become aware of the journey, or someone who has been aware of it before. Annette is caring, supportive and absolutely amazing. She opens doors we have always been taught to fear, if acknowledged at all, providing support along the way, showing us we are truly not alone. Thank you so much Annette, for showing me the way to the diamond in my heart!" Sara N., Denver, CO

"In Truth, all roads to Oneness lead through Annette Roegiers, in one form or another. You can take the long, arduous path, which is perfectly alright, or you can accept that Knowing and courageously show up right Now. Annette is purely Love and Light. She will bath you in a warm, welcoming, understanding embrace as she guides you into the darkness of your existence to show you that there is nothing that is truly dark about you. In her Six Steps to Love teleclass, Annette skillfully wields her scalpel of Truth to cut to the core of what keeps us from our awareness of the divinity within each of us. Values; Conditional Love; the Power Over map, the Ego and hierarchical society; expectation; resistance to life; God; and Death. The willingness to be with Annette the willingness to be the courageous seeker of self-knowing, the willingness to cut straight to the Source, leaving all story behind, to have One's Self without any attachment to what that means or might look like...that is the value proposition.

Her toolset is vast, from allegory, to verbal exercise, to sonic incineration of limitation, yet pervading it all is a deep caring, persistent patience, and Love. Annette binds the abstract and esoteric to a pragmatic toolset for rebalancing you in your wholeness, reconnecting you to harmony with All things on All levels of Being. Working with Annette is the fast track to having You. And the way I see it, why wait? Seriously...hasn't it been long enough already? I am forever grateful to her for being here and would recommend that anyone interested in truly showing up as the star of their own lives consider Annette and any of the products she has created. Annette is an invitation to the Infinite possibilities available; your only responsibility is to receive. “Layer upon layer of armor, shielding, and protection, which has truly only bounded and shrouded my soul, has melted away, leaving my heart exposed in such a way as I’ve not allowed myself to know. I am so thankful." Jason A., Oakland, CA.