Heart Path Healing

Infinite Beings

We are an individualized expression of Consciousness, Creator, God - whatever term you are comfortable with. Our infinite being includes all of our experiences in every lifetime – all those we have had, are having, or will have.

As infinite beings, we function in the field of all possibility, beyond the levels of duality. We are able to touch into a reality that is beyond the veil of limitations, judgments, and polarities. We are no longer confined within the polarities of right, wrong, good, and bad. As the 13th century poet, Rumi, once wrote, “Beyond tales of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there.“

Every judgment, every right and wrong, good and bad, is a limitation, which constricts our energy and veils what we are able to experience. We are neither wrong nor right; we are everything. We are connected to “All That Is.” And with this awareness of that connection, we realize that we are, with our intention, thoughts, and emotions, able to consciously create our reality.

Healing & Illnesses

Practitioners of Heart Path Healing are facilitators of healing. Healing is defined as a return to wholeness. The “Consciousness of All That Is” and you are the healers.

Illness and disease can be viewed as disruptions in the energy field of your body. Pain is viewed as a signaling by your body to bring your attention to a disruption or veil of your authentic self.

Disruptions happen in your energy field first, and, if not attended to, can manifest in the physical body as dis-ease and illness. The body first sends gentle signals to you of disruption in the form of an ache or other sensations, trying to get your attention. If you repeatedly ignore these gentle signals, the body amps up these signals, and it can develop into chronic pain.

An illness is a call to remember who you truly are – an infinite being. It brings an opportunity for you to expand your awareness of your capabilities, gifts, and talents. By tuning in to Consciousness and joining with your field and body, a practitioner is able to see what needs to be unveiled and where your energy is not flowing freely.