Heart Path Healing

How long are sessions?

Sessions are scheduled anywhere from 1 or 2 hours depending on your desires and needs. Please see Session Package information.

What is a session like?

At the beginning of a session, I will ask you what the issues are you would like to address. We then set that intention. I tune in to the guidance I receive and work with “Consciousness” to facilitate changes in your being. We will dissolve limiting patterns, beliefs, emotions and energies, as well as invite new possibilities for your life to show up by asking open ended questions and using the unveiling process, vibration and being present holding the awareness of your infinite being. There are a number of other processes I employ to dissolve stuck energies or blocks in the template of your body and remove the veils of your infinite self. My role is the facilitator and observer of the changes taking place.

What should I do to prepare for my session?

Think about what you’d like to change in your life (i.e. physical symptoms and ailments, emotional trauma, spiritual path, career, money, relationships). Some examples are:
Experience vibrant health
Find love and appreciation for yourself
Improve relationships
Land a better job
Access more money
Complete that novel you started
Change your relationship with your body
Release anxiety, depression & fear
Change habits
Enhance manifestations and actualizations
Bring grace and ease into your life

Is there anything special I should do after my session?

Give yourself time immediately after your session to relax and reflect if at all possible. Drink plenty of water for the next several days. Many people find it beneficial to take salt baths several times during the 2 or 3 weeks following a session. Have fun noticing changes unfold in your life and in your body. Some may be noticeable right away. Others will unfold over the next days and weeks. You might be surprised what shows up! Keeping a journal is a great idea to log insights and changes as they occur. Have gratitude for what has shifted.

Does this healing process work if I’m taking medicine? Can I do this process and still have regular medical treatments with my doctor?

Heart Path Healing works wonderfully as a stand-alone method and in conjunction with regular medical treatments and alternative therapies.

What changes can I expect to see as a result of my healing session?

You may notice an immediate change in your physical symptoms, either immediately or days and weeks following a session. Many people feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated after a session. Others may feel the need for sleep to integrate all of the changes. Insights may pop in. You may notice changes in your relationships. New opportunities present themselves.

What is the Unveiling Process?

The unveiling process was downloaded to me from Spirit as a way to dissolve beliefs, emotions, cellular memories, and shift vibrations in our bodies and souls. It removes limitations in the form of judgments, beliefs, and emotions, allowing more of your authentic infinite self to be present in your reality.

What role does chanting, toning and the sounds you make play in my session?

At the basis of existence is energy that is pure vibration. Everything has its own vibration. In all mystical and religions traditions sound has been used to return us to our source. As I am focused on densities (judgments, beliefs, polarities, limitations) where information has become fixed in your field/body and veiled your true being, chants and toning come through me that can dissolve the stuck energy and harmonize your field.

In my session I often couldn’t remember what I had been working on. What is this about?

After you have removed the density from your field you may not even remember it anymore. It is no longer important. You may also feel tired or have the feeling of checking out as the brain resets itself after there has been a major shift. It is like a computer that needs to be shut down after a new program has been added to reboot.